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Friday, January 11, 2013

I am going on vacation! (sort of)

Oh how I wish I could go lay on a beach somewhere for a week, that is just not going to happen.  I am however taking some time to myself :)  To put it plainly I am burnt out and need a re-charge!  It has been a busy 6 months or so, and now with some time available to me and I am all caught up with work, I can finally take a break.  So basically I am taking a week to myself (starting tomorrow Saturday Jan.12), I so need this :)  I am un-plugging more or less for the next week.  I will not be on-line or on facebook at all (my moderater will be in charge of my fanpage for the next week), so if please email me on my hotmail account not on facebook and if you really need to get a hold of me, just call :)  I will be spending time with my kids, getting those jobs done around my house that are always being put last (like cleaning out my closet YIKES!).  I WILL NOT be on facebook or opening Lightroom or Photoshop!  My eyes have been hurting me really bad (in fact I am on the way to the eye doctor to see if I need glasses) and I really don't want to look at my computer for the next week :)

I am mostly looking forward to lazy afternoons, when I can put my little guy down for a nap, pop a dvd in for my 4 year old and lay on the couch and get lost in this awesome book series I am reading :)  See you in a week :) ~ S ~