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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The "M" family

You know that friend you have had since high school?  The one who has been there through it all,  pregnancies, tough times, divorce, even more tough times, good times, better times, the one who drove you to the airport for your honeymoon, the kind of friend who you know you can pick up the phone and talk to any time about anything and no matter how much time has passed since you last spoke, you just pick up right where you left off?  This beautiful lady is that friend to me and she drove down from Okotoks in October for some family photos.  We have been there for each other for a long time, heck we even managed to have our babies together 14 years ago, on the same day, same hospital, right across the hall from each other 2 hours apart!  It was funny, I remember her mom was there and she kept going back and forth between our rooms :)  She is a great friend, not just to me but to all of her friends.  I guess when you get to a certain age you realize how lucky you are to have people like this in your life :)  Thanks for bringing the family Char, your girls are so gorgeous and thanks for always supporting me, personal and business :)