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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Little Mr. "B"

I did this little guys' big sisters newborn pictures just over 2 years ago, and I photographed her a few times since then, as well as his mommy's maternity photos, so I was excited to meet the new addition.  You would never know it by these photos, but this little guy was FIESTY!!  I suspect he may have over-heard me telling his mommy that it is usually the girls who are fiesty, but I stand corrected :)  Everyone has a bad day every once-in-awhile and for newborns, sometimes that bad day falls on your picture day.  I think for the first 3.5-4 hours of his session, he didn't sleep more then 15 minutes.  His daddy is a Lethbridge firefighter and really wanted to get a picture of him in his helmet like I did for some previous clients, but this little guy wanted nothing to do with it!  After several attempts, we had to settle for something different.  I do feel bad when clients are hoping for a certain shot, but their baby wants nothing to do with it, but they do run the show after all :)  At the end we were going to try to get a prop shot, but seemily soundly sleeping, as soon as this little guy was put down, he start screaming.  So after rocking him and trying again, and again, I was finally able to get a Christmas prop photo.  He is after all their little Christmas baby.  He was so beautiful, I could stare at newborns all day, and although, it was a long session, I think these photos make it all worth it, and YES, I still love my job!  Enjoy :)