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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Baby boy Kenai

This sweet little guy did so awesome for the first half of his session, he slept beautifully, and did not seem to mind being posed.  I wrongly assumed that the rest of the session would go as well :)  This little sweety did not want to go back to sleep!  In fact, if he wasn't nursing, he wasn't happy.  After hours of trying, we decided to try to finish his session the next day.  The next day, he did the same thing :(  So I had to forget having him asleep for the rest of the session, and between his mommy nursing him (he really did want to nurse ALL the time) and him taking a pacifier, we were able to keep him calm enough to finish the session.  I think despite all of this, we still got some amazing pictures, that I hope his mommy and daddy will treasure always :)  Enjoy.