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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Eva's "Big Girl" room

I am WAY behind on personal blogging and I hope to get caught up this summer.  I took these awhile ago, just haven't had time to get them up.  I got before and after pics. of Eva's room when she got her "big girl bed".  No big dramatic make-over here, I didn't re-paint her room (it didn't need to be re-painted) and other then the twin size bed and armoire, all of her furniture is still the same, but anyways here you have it:

                       Eva's Room Before;

                  the flower mural I painted while I was 5 months preggo with her


                the only pair of baby shoes I kept (I think she had like 10 pairs before she was even born)


                               Her cup from Great Granny

            this was from our family session that "Hope Litwin" did for us when she was 6 months old

                                                 Nana got this for her :)

                more pictures from Litwin Photography, maternity and newborn

                                   Her piggy bank

                                     Just some of her 'bling'

                                        Some pictures from her newborn session that "Hope Litwin" took

                 Eva's Room After:

   I got these tissue paper poms on Etsy, but apparantly they are very easy to make so I am going to find an on-line tutorial and make some for Sarah's room :)

Her "big girl bed" which she loves, I think for the first month she had the bed, she would walk up the stairs see into her room and exclaim, "nice bed, Eva's nice bed momma" It was so cute!

Her armoire which I have all of her pettiskirts, tutu's and dress-up clothes in

              I took this picture of her and Aaron in Mexico last year, I love it!

                                 2 16X24 canvases of a few of my favorite photos that I took of her

         This was again from her newborn session with "Hope Litwin".  My favorite, I ordered a 16X24 canvas.  Maybe I am getting my karma now for putting a tutu on the poor baby when she was only a few weeks old.  My sweet little girls' favorite passtimes now are rolling around in the dirt and eating bugs (YES bugs, particularly ants and spiders but she has also eaten a small caterpillar)

She has room darkening roll down blinds on her window, but I had been collection fabric pieces for awhile to make this window treatment.  It is just 1.5-2 inch pieces of fabric torn and tied onto her curtain rod.  Sarah, actually did most of the work of tying them all on, (thank you Sarah)


So that's it for now, I hope to have Will's bedroom pictures up soon, I could kick myself for not taking "before' pics., his room was a kitchen before, you can't get more dramatic then that, oh well.