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Monday, February 21, 2011

My guy 1-4 months.........

Here are some updated pictures of my little Will, months one through four. I have been meaning to get these up for awhile but added to the normal craziness of life with 7 kids, we have all been pretty sick for about a month or so. I was actually in bed with the flu for a week. Thankfully I have an amazing husband and some very helpful family! My sweet little guy has been such an amazing addition to this family. It gets me every time, and what's strange is, it surprises me everytime...... how deeply you fall in love with your children. They come into this world so fresh and new, and reveal themselves to you a little bit every day. "Here I am, this is me." Will is such a happy baby, he is always full of smiles and now the giggles are starting. I do love babies, yes I do :) Hope you enjoy my little chub, now I must get back to editing 2 maternity sessions!