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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A brown eyed girl, a blue eyed girl, and a green eyed girl.......

I did a fun photo session for my daughter (the green-eyed girl) and her two best friends. I wanted to do this for them because this is an important time in their lives, I still remember fondly being this age and how my friends were the most important thing to me. These girls are off to high-school in the fall (that makes me feel so old) and they are growing up so quickly.
These girls are all just as gorgeous on the inside as they are on the outside. My daughter is so lucky to have found such amazing friends, and I truly hope these girls remain friends through-out their school days and beyond. So we had a busy day going to different locations and shooting, but at the end of the afternoon they ended up in the river in their fancy dresses and I think its safe to say they had a blast :) We did meet back up at sunset for some silloutte pictures. I know these girls have been anxious to see these pictures and after spending many hours at the computer today editing, and realizing how bad it is for your back when you are preggo (ouch), I have a good selection of pictures to add to the blog. I hope you girls love the pictures, it was so much fun, we will have to do it again when you graduate high-school :)